1) – List of 108 Illegal, Unauthorised Layouts in Bangalore in BDA Jurisdiction Areas

I have managed to collate info for the benefit of you guys, on 108 illegal, unauthorized layouts in BDA jurisdiction out of the 134 layouts declared “ILLEGAL, UNAUTHORISED” in BDA controlled areas/jurisdiction.

Check the below link for list of places/villages in Bangalore where your Property Survey Number checking can be done by Ravikanth:


Dont miss reading this Great Golden Investment Opportunity in a large apartment high rise project in the below link:


Check out the story on a 14 year old layout which was actually a 136 acre layout that was bulldozed by the government authorities in Dec 2014 in the below link:


See also:



See also:


Dont forget to read the below link about how the Government bulldozed 29 illegal unauthorised layouts one fine day along with the electrical transmission power lines, power poles – even the roads and infrastructure and all houses too were bulldozed and razed to the ground in the illegal layouts. Read the story in the below link:


Dont forget to read this below link too:


Properties/sites/villas/houses/apartments in the below mentioned layouts may not get (most probably WILL NOT GET) PR Cards under the UPOR System – Property Records Card which will be more powerful and important than the Khatha we all know about. Without PR Card for your property, you may not even be able to find any willing buyer in the future as everybody gets to know about its existence/importance etc.

The other remaining missing ones out of the 134 will be updated here as and when I manage to collect the names of the layouts.

The list of Unauthorised layouts carved/created/developed out of farmer’s lands/agriculturists lands/revenue lands – in BDA Jurisdiction by Private House Building Co-operative Societies

Illegal means they have not taken BDA approval to form the layout whenever they formed it ages ago, after BDA came into existence.

Name of the Housing Co-Operative Societies and the Village, Gram Panchayat, Locality, Location, Area these illegal layouts are situated:

01. Syndicate Bank Employees House Building Cooperative
Society, Herohalli
02. Talakaveri House Building Co-operative
Society, Amruthahalli
03. Talakaveri House Building Co-operative
Society, Vibhuthipura
04. Raja Rajeshwari House Building Co-operative
Society, Nagadevanahalli
05. Kalyana House Building Co-operative Society Nagadevanahalli
06. BEL Employees House Building Co-operative
Society – II Stage Herohalli
07. Maruthi House Building Co-operative Society Vasanthpura – Marasandra
08. MEI Employees House Building Co-operative
09. Gruha Lakshmi House Building Co-operative
10. Remco (BHEL) House Building Co-operative
11. Karnataka Law Department Employees House
Building Co-operative Society
Allala Sandra
12. Raitha Karmikara House Building Co-operative
Channasandra, Uttarahalli
13. Sri Gyan Prakash Goyal (M.S. Ramaiah
Yashwanthpura Hobli
14. Aditya Estate and Properties Kundalahalli, A.R. Pura
15. Ministry of Communication Employees House
Building Co-operative Society
Sampigehalli, K.R. Pura
16. Shivajyothi Township and Promoters Haralooru, Varthur Hobli
17. Ramanasri Group Bilekanahalli, Begur Hobli
18. Upakar Associates Ullalu, Yashwanthpura Hobli
19. Sri. Sai Raghava Constructions Sy. No. 164 Kengeri,
Kengeri Hobli
20. Vishwabharathi House Building Co-operative
Pattanegere and
Halagevaderahalli, Kengeri
21. Sri. S. Nanjudaiah and Sowbhagya Sy. No. 42 Dasarahalli,
Dasarahalli Hobli
22. Bharath Electronic Ambedkar S.S Chikkabidarakallu,
Yashwanthpura Hobli
23. M/s. Leo Enterprises, Sainagar Chikkabidarakallu,
Yashwanthpura Hobli
24. L.I.C. Employees House Building Co-operative Sy. No. 8, Pattanagere,
Society Kengeri Hobli
25. Reflex House Building Co-operative Society Mylasandra, Kengeri Hobli
26. M/s. Aswini Group Kammanahalli, Begur Hobli
27. Sri. N.A. Jayaram and Venkatesh Hebbagodi, Hosur Road
28. M/s. M.R. Associates Akshaya Residency Begur, Begur Hobli
29. Sri. Prabakara Reddy Ambalipura
30. Sri. K. Narayan Corporator, Sri. Rajarajeshwari
City Muncipal Corporation
31. Sri. Byregowda Mallatthahalli,
Yashwanthpura Hobli
32. Sri. M.A. Ramesh Sy. No. 26/2 Anjanapura
33. Sri. Papanna Sy. No. 194 Herohalli,
Yeshwanthpura Hobli
34. Sri. Balasubramanyam Puttenahalli, Yelahanka
35. Sri. Anil and Nagabhushan, Gurubhovi Palya,
Hosur Road
Basapara, Begur Hobli
36. Sri. R. Lakshman Doddakallasandra,
Uttarahalli Hobli
37. Aathmiya Geleyara Balaga House Building Cooperative
Yeshwanthpura Hobli
38. Indobharath Housing Ltd. (Kowtilya House
Building Co-operative Society)
Sy. No. 94 and 212 Kengeri
39. Kirloskar Electric factory Employees House
Building Co-operative Society
Sy. No. 13 Siddedahalli,
Yeshwanthpura Hobli
40. MLA’s House Building Co-operative Society Kalena Agrahara, Begur
41. Basavaraj Halagevaderahalli, Kengeri
42. BEML (HQRS and MKBG) SC:ST Employees
Welfare Organisation
Battarahalli, Bidarahalli
43. Sri. K.N.Krishnamurthy, Balaji Enterprises Sampigehalli, Yelahanka
44. M/s. M.R. Associates Begur, Begur Hobli
45. M/s. Sripriya Developers Kammanahalli, Begur Hobli
46. M/s. Classic Paradise Begur, Begur Hobli
47. M/s. Due Hite Associates Begur, Begur Hobli
48. Nataraja Extension welfare Associations Kottanur, Uttarahalli Hobli
49. M/s. Royal Developers and Builders Devarachikkanahalli, Begur
50. M/s. Rajasri, N.G. Chandraareddy Munnekolalu, Varthur Hobli
51. BEML Employees House Building Co-operative
Mylasandra, Kengeri
52. Sri. N. Ramappa and Manjunath Marasandra, Uttarahalli
53. M/s. The Mandala Properties Pvt. Ltd. Mandalakunte, Yelahanka
54. Sri. K. Nanjappa Halagevaderahalli
55. Pramodha House Building Co-operative Pantarapalya, Kengeri Hobli
56. Ishwarya Builders Pvt. Ltd. Hosakerehalli
57. M/s. Furn Builders and Developers Kasavanahalli, Junsandra,
Bellandur, Doddenakundi,
Panatthuru, Mahadevapura
58. Central Excise Department Employees House
Building Co-operative Society
Kammanahalli, Begur Hobli
59. Adithya Residency Hosahalli, Uttarahalli Hobli
60. Sri. Narayana Rao Kammanahalli, Elenahalli,
Begur Hobli
61. M/s. Best Construction Jalahalli, Yeshwanthpura
62. Town and Biotimes city Convetion India Ltd. Sy. No. 110 Avalahalli
63. M/s. Ishwarya Residency Kottanur, Uttarahalli Hobli
64. M/s. Classic Builders Kengeri, Kengeri Hobli
65. Suncity Nest Links Whitefield
66. M/s. Bhagyasri Developers K. Narayanpura, K.R. Pura
67. S.L.V. Enterprises (Singapura Gardens) Vajarahalli, Uttarahalli Hobli
68. Sri H.C. Byregowda Giddada Konenahalli,
Yeshwanthpura Hobli
69. Whitecity Layout, M/s. Happy Home
Constructions Ltd.
Seegehalli, K.R. Pura
70. M/s. Geetanjali Estates Golden Village Nagasandra, Challaghatta,
Varthur Hobli
71. M/s. Balaji Garden Gottigere, Begur Hobli
72. Sri. M. Rukmamgada Naidu Anjanapura, Uttarahalli
73. Sri. Anjanappa Kotthanur, Uttarahalli Hobli
74. M/s. Tejaswini Enterprises Builders and
Kammanahalli, Elenahalli,
Begur Hobli
75. M/s. Happy Home Construction Pvt. Ltd. Kenchamaranahalli,
76. Sri. Raheem B. Narayanapura, Varthur Hobli
77. M/s. Duo Heights Devarachikkanahalli, Begur Hobli
78. Sri. M. Krishnabhat Kammanahalli, Begur Hobli
79. Sri. Syed Alimulla Kodichikkanahalli, Begur
80. Meenakshi Palm group M/s. Kantri Associates Kammanahalli, Begur Hobli
81. Indira Priyadarshini House Building Cooperative
Valagerahalli, Kengeri Hobli
82. H.N. Seetharam and others Shabhari Income
Tax layout
Yeshwanthpura Hobli
83. M/s. Krishna Gardens Pattanagere, Mylasandra,
Kengeri Hobli
84. Sri. M. Sadhashivaiah Ullalu, Yeshwanthpura Hobli
85. Sri. Doddamarappa Ullalu, Yeshwanthpura Hobli
86. Sri. B.S. Puttaraju, Ex. Mayor Sy. No. 17/3 Nagarabhavi,
Yeshwanthpura Hobli
87. Sri. EVS Chinnappa Bikasipura, Uttarahalli Hobli
88. Abhiman Residency Kengeri, Kengeri Hobli
89. Sri. Sathyasai Developers Kengeri, Kengeri Hobli
90. Revenue Department Drivers & Group D
Employees Association
Srigandada Kaval,
Yeshwanthpura Hobli
91. Sri. H.K. Nanjunda Swamy Talaghattapura, Uttarahalli
92. M/s. Sapthagiri Enterprises Gubbalalu
Uttarahalli Hobli
93. Sri. Y.A. Manjunath Halagevaderahalli, Kengeri
94. Ishwarya Shelters Mylasandra
95. Sharadha Residency Mylasandra
96. A.B.M. Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. Mylasandra
97. Layout developed by Deviprasad Construction Pvt. Ltd. in Mylasandra
98. Layout developed by S.L.V. Enterprises in Uttarahalli Hobli,
99. Layout developed by A.V. Muruli Palace in Guttahalli Sy. No. 11 Dasarahalli,
Tumkur Road
100. Layout developed by Anuradha Nagendra Chamarjpet in Sy. No. 49/1, 51
101. Layout developed by R. Jayakumar, in R.T. Nagar in Sy. No. 33 Mallasandra,
Bangalore North Taluk
102. Layout developed by B. Muniswamy, T.K. Rameshbabu, in Chikkalasandra in Sy. No. 72/4 in Kengeri
103. R. Lakshmanaswamy, Chikkalasandra Sy. No. 34/3 Gubbalalu,
Uttarahalli Hobli
104. Central Excise Employees House Building Cooperative
Society Rachenahalli, Tanisandra
105. L. Jagadeeshwara Babu, City cottage,
Sy. No. 87/3 of sheegehalli,
Bidarahalli Hobli
106. Layout developed by Arun Shelters Pvt. Ltd in M.S. Nagara,
Thirumenahalli, Opp K.N.S. Institute
107. Layout developed by K.V.R. Housing in Bylakere, Chikkabettahalli
108. Layout developed by Concard Developers in Kudlu, Hosur Road,
Pattanagere, Kengeri Hobli

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6 Responses to 1) – List of 108 Illegal, Unauthorised Layouts in Bangalore in BDA Jurisdiction Areas

  1. Pradeep says:

    what if we have already purchased the site from any1 of the builder in above list? Can we fight legally against these builders?

  2. Prasad says:

    There are thousands of layouts which are not approved by BDA OR BBMP
    Infact in the entire BBMP limits, You will find only 12 to 15% is BDA approved.
    Others just have to pay betterment charges and it will be as equal to BDA…

  3. John says:

    I have a land in Anagalapura, which is in green belt. Can I find any buyer for it.

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