Lake Encroachment Secrets Of Bangalore


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How Everybody In Bangalore Is Getting Fooled By Developers/Builders With “Rajakaluve NGT Rule For Only BBMP Limits” Myth & Argument

A rule is a rule even for a fool……………………..

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Water Secrets Of Bangalore

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Goons, Rowdies & Guns In Lake Dew Residency–1.html


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RERA Secrets


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Bangalore Metro Train Secrets


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7175 – Judicial Layout, Mallasandra Village, Thalaghattapura Village, Uttarahalli Hobli, BST BUD ::: Deadly Secrets/Intelligence/Advice Available With Ravikanth Without Your Property Documents

Planning to buy something in this project?

Deadly Dangers of all kinds are lurking in all kinds of projects by all kinds of builders/developers everywhere in Bangalore It is neither limited to small projects/small builders nor limited to big projects/big builders – nor is it further limited to any particular location or area

Every single builder does it – what?

Encroachment, Encroachment and Encroachment

Call Ravikanth on 8884284819 and meet him for some Professional Advice/Consultancy Get clarifications from him for all this and much much more not listed here

Complete intelligence/advice available without your copy property documents/legal papers

Complete intelligence including deadly secrets available with Ravikanth, 8884284819 on paid consultancy with a prior appointment

Deadly secret information – make or break information – deal maker or deal breaker information – available with Ravikanth for this project as well as more than another 5 lakh projects spread all over Bangalore in north, South, East, West in city limits, in BBMP Limits, in BDA limits, in BIAAPA/BDA/KPA Kanakapura /APA Anekal /NPA Nelamangala /MPA Magadi /HPA Hoskote limits etc

Who is Ravikanth, What is Ravikanth?

About Ravikanth:

https://ravikanthpropertyconsultant wordpress com/about/

To buy or not to buy?

Is it safe to buy?

Worth buying or not?

Positives and negatives?

Pros and cons?

Worth investing or not?

Any lake existed there? Any Rajakaluve existed there?

Any demolition threat possible?

Can your asset itself be bulldozed/demolished with any of the threats listed below, if not today, perhaps after another 30-35 years by some Government Demolition Man??

Any encroachment threats? Any rajakaluves? Any water bodies?

Any rajakaluve encroached?

Any rajakaluve bufferzone encroached?

Any kharab land encroached?

Any lake encroached?

Any lake buffer zone encroached?

What is the risk reward ratio?

Although many water bodies encroachments have already been identified and marked by government for demolition, surely, many more may not have been discovered/identified or may have been deliberately ignored by the authorities due to greasing of palms or because of their own sheer callousness and irresponsibility Hence, it does not mean you can be complacent/careless or negligent like them and allow yourself to be cheated by your seller/builder/vendor who certainly will not want you to discover those secrets and walk away from a potential sale But that is precisely what you should do and can do – provided you get it verified by Ravikanth – Bangalore’s most famous Encroachment investigator/adviser/consultant

Rajakaluve encroachments are also called water bodies encroachments or storm water drain encroachments Newer and newer encroachments are always happening by greedy builders or land owners on a daily basis even as we speak or even as you read this article on this website At this moment somewhere in Bangalore, some builder somewhere is constructing his Apartment on a rajakaluve or on a lake bed as encroachment into a lake to dupe gullible and naïve innocent buyers like you or encroaching and constructing on some kharab land somewhere in Bangalore Some developer somewhere at this moment when you are reading this article is also developing his sites/plots in his layout on similar water bodies as encroachments Hence, due diligence is of paramount importance if you don’t want to lose your lifetime savings to a demolition squad at a future date

Planning to buy something in this Village/locality/area/jurisdiction?

When these encroachments will be demolished is anybody’s guess But just because we are not aware does not mean we should buy that property if somebody is stealthily, cunningly trying to sell that property to an innocent you Under such circumstances, you should take professional help Ravikanth’s help Don’t forget that thousands of properties have indeed been actually demolished for rajakaluve encroachment or lake encroachment in the recent past in Bangalore So don’t take the possibility of encroachment or threat of demolition lightly Hence one needs to be doubly careful, doubly cautious, do double due diligence before buying anything anywhere blindly A Lawyer’s opinion for legal clearance makes no sense if you don’t get Rajakaluve/Lake non-encroachment clearance from Ravikanth – Bangalore’s most famous Adviser/Consultant/Investigator for water bodies encroachments or kharab land encroachments

Below is a series of some two dozen simple examples out of the 1000s that I can give you about encroachment and demolition. If something like the below can happen to big builder branded projects, anything can happen to your property/project too anytime in your life.

Check out what happened to Mantri Serenity Apartments and Mantri Tranquil Apartments in the below link:::

Check out how a lake bed encroached building constructed in 1964 in Bangalore got demolished in 2016 in the below link :::

See what happened to Purva Skydale Apartments:::

See what happened to Prestige White Meadows Apartments for Kharab Land Encroachment:

https://ravikanthpropertyconsultant wordpress com/2015/07/28/no-853-the-complete-story-about-Prestige-white-meadows-its-saga/

Check out what happened to Prakruthi-Solitaire-Apartment for storm water drain encroachment:::

https://ravikanthpropertyconsultant wordpress com/2016/11/30/5101-bulldozers-arrive-for-demolition-at-300-flats-prakruthi-solitaire-Apartment -complex-for-rajakaluve-encroachment/

Check out how 5000 investors lost their lifetime savings after 15 years of investment in a gated community Layout that was demolished by Government for encroachment and fake documents:

Read another one dozen stories of similar nature in the below links – of encroachment and demolition, to learn your lessons:::

Check out what happened to 2 villas in a gated community, constructed on kharab land/rajakaluve – each one costing one crore :::

Read the spine chilling story about how a fully ready and fully completed 857 flats apartment complex got a demolition order from the Supreme Court in the below link:

Complete intelligence including deadly secrets available with Ravikanth, 8884284819 on paid consultancy with a prior appointment

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